Functional Design

By collaboration with the client preparing 3D conceptional models to both share with other disciplines and the client to also ensure that the requirements are fulfilled by choosing the most appropriate and optimum solution.

Structural Design

Evaluating the required structure depending on the given scenarios and determining the physical position of the structure so that structural sections, required reinforcement, steel profiles and connection design.

Application Drawings

Depending on the structural design the drawings which define the job by answering the questions of how, where, when, which material.


To organize the control of the manufacturing on site.


By gathering the whole information guiding the client to the most probable solution.


To manage and organize the documents and the construction job on behalf of the client.

Additional Services and Studies


A New Approach for Design

ConSteel and csJoint. Eurocode for structural steel design by members with 7- degree of freedom.


Fulfilling the Gap in the Industry

Structurally automated solutions for rack systems where there is not yet any typical standard and approved solution way in the national market. Computer Control Systems


Alternative Materials for Structural Design

Working as a consultant for the Project of adopting aluminium framed structures to be manufactured in Turkey.