Factory Buildings


Factory Buildings


Şişecam A.Ş.




Structural Analysis and Design




Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria


Structural Steel and Reinforced Concrete buildings for the glassware production. Some are listed below.

  • Trakya Yenişehir Cam Sanayi A.Ş. Float Glass Plant, Bursa, 2008
  • Trakya Glass 2. Float Plant, Bulgaria, 2010
  • Trakya Cam San.ve Tic. A.Ş. 6.Float Storage Building, Yenişehir, 2007
  • Paşabahçe Cam New Product and Packing Warehouse, Kırklareli, 2011
  • Anadolu Cam San A.Ş. 10 Nolu Furnace building, Mersin, 2008
  • Ruscam Pakrovsky B5 Line, Russia, 2008
  • Anadolulu Cam San. A.Ş. Sand Stockhall, Yenişehir, 2008
  • Cam-İş Madencilik Additional Silos, Mersin, 2008
  • Paşabahçe Cam San.ve Tic. A.Ş. Furnace Warehouse, Eskisehir, 2010
  • Trakya Cam II.Glass Line Cooling Building, Kırklareli, 2010
  • Trakya Cam New Product and Packing Warehouse, Kırklareli, 2010
  • Paşabahçe Cam Utility Building for Furnace C&D, Eskisehir, 2007
  • Paşabahçe Cam Bor Glasswork Utility Building, Russia, 2007
  • Trakya Cam San A.Ş. II.Glass Line Furnace Building, Mersin, 2008