Cement Industry Plant Structures


Cement Industry  Plant Structures


CETA Makine A.Ş.




Structural Analysis and Design






Steel and reinforced concrete silos, bins. Silo carrying and conveying structures.

Elevator towers. Extension projects for Cement Plants.

Examples are given below ;

  • Akçansa Bigbag Discharge ve Open Filling Plant, Samsun, 2009
  • Akçansa -Ladik HES Project, Samsun, 2009
  • Akçansa –Hopa Plant 500 t. Capacity Cement Silo Plant, Artvin, 2009
  • Magaldi-Elevator Tower Building, 2008
  • Clay and Iron Supplying Conveyor Line, 2007
  • Sand Plant for Costing, Kırklareli, 2007
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